Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Please mind your P's and Q's

"I me want busines. Have 20 peoples. We do anything for you. We doing data entry..we called people..we will try hardly for your project...please give us a chance"

If this above message shocks you, please do not be. This is the kind of mails you will receive from at least 20% of the BPO's when they ask for business. How many of you have received such mails which make no sense, have spelling mistakes, look like they have have been written by kindergarten students or even worse? Worse still, they come from so called CEO's, Managing Director's, Director's of the world. THIS IS THE STATE OF INDIAN BPO TODAY.

I do agree we need to clean the system from fraud clients, processes and agents. But honestly when will we start looking at ourselves? If you are a CEO of a firm, at least write your letters properly. Do you really expect to get business when you write atrocious english which make sense to no one or better still mean exactly the opposite of what you want to say? No wonder you end up paying hefty upfronts and then say you suffered a loss, cause people know you cannot get business yourself. Please remember your letter is the first quality check, a prospecting client will see and if they are as atrocious as the example I gave above, I can only imagine what you will work quality will be.

So next time, please try and keep the following in mind when you write letters :

1. Stop transliterating.
2. Use punctuation. There is a reason why people made them and why there is a difference between a sentence and a paragraph
3. Use a dictionary
4. Please show courtesy to the person you writing to. When I get such mails I feel insulted that you never even took the trouble, to write a proper letter to me.
5. Remember its never too late to learn. I still remember 6 months back someone in Linkedin pointed out a grammatical error I made in my sentence. I had written "Have a BPI having 65 seats" and he pointed out that there is no word as Having in english language. I still have not forgotten it and thank him for it.

Please remember when you send your mail or talk, you are representing your firm and first impression counts. So please please think before you write and more importantly at least be kind to the people who are reading it. They are on the verge of forgetting the English language thanks to such atrocious letters.

And lastly please remember its common courtesy to write a business letter professionally. It is never too late to start minding your P's and Q's

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